Friday, November 22, 2013


Last night I got to spend a little time with Logan. She is nine days and just under 8 pounds of amazing.
Pretty in pink.
She likes to have her hands up by her face.
  Mom and dad are awesome.
 Logan has such bold bright colors in her room and mom found this great little matching bright set of drawers in Canton so we took some photos with her with her crib quilt and pillows in the drawer. So cute!
I'm loving her quilt....and her sweet little face.
 Have you seen these rings before? If you are a regular reader you will recognize them from mom and dad's wedding several years ago.
 I like these of mom and dad with Logan.
 Leslie have some letters to try that popular  Pinterest photo with the feet making the v in love by Logan was not all about is playing with her feet so we did this instead and I really like it.
Baby's first Christmas.
A few more with mom and dad.
 and finally Leslie's mom and dad showed up and I could not resist taking just a few photos of Logan with her grandparents. I love this...I think Logan is actually smiling :)
 Welcome Logan! And congratulations Leslie and Andrew, she's gorgeous!

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