Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stephanie & Chris

I'm so far behind on my blogging...Stephanie and Chris already celebrated their month-a-versary and I'm just now getting the time to post their photos. But in my defense...I love this couple and their blog post had to be absolutely perfect. They got married just over a month ago at the Hickory Street Annex in Dallas and can I just was perfect.
Do everything in Love.

Stephanie's dress and shoes
 and her jewelry. Her grandfather made her the pearl bracelet from her grandmother's pearl necklace and the blue ring is her grandmother's.
 Getting ready.
Love the mirrors.
 Stephanie had a first look with her dad and his expression is priceless!
Some ceremony and reception details.
 So this is cool...the ceremony and reception were in the same room with the Japanese Lanterns hanging from the ceiling. It's amazing how quickly you can change the look of a room. It helps if you have a great venue like the Hickory Street Annex and a fabulous planner like Dallas Girl Friday. I absollutely love working with Julie, she gets the job done and keeps everything on time.
 Ceremony time. Chris kisses his mom.
 Steph's dad gives her away. I love the way he has his hands on both their backs to bring them together. Such a sweet moment.
 Here's another one...
 It's nice to work in a venue where you can move around and get different angles.
 High-fiveing the preacher. So fun!
 The guys.
The girls.
The beautiful bride.
 The handsome groom.
 Some alone time. I'm loving the red door since their wedding color was red. I was reading something just the other day about looking at your venue before choosing your wedding colors and I thought Stephanie must have saw all the red details here and picked her colors to coordinate.
 Reception time.
Toasts. I love the way they look at each other. Simply happy.
 Listening to toasts, all smiles.
 Cake and cupcakes!
 First dance under the lanterns.
They are just so happy is shows.
 Dance with Dad...
...and with mom.
 Don't stop believin'
The girls and guys were all into the bouquet and garter that!
 We took a little time at the end of the evening to do a few more portraits and they are some of my favorites.
 And here I am with Stephanie. I love you my dear. You and Chris are perfect together I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

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