Saturday, September 21, 2013


You know I love to photograph sports and it's been a busy few weeks. Here are a few highlights.
Last night's Dunbar vs Birdville game was lead on DFW Varsity
 with a nice little slideshow as well.
The team photo I took of TCU volleyball was on the home page of last week.
 Until they started their weekend tournament and then they replaced it with an action photo from the game.
 There was a nice little slideshow as well. This team is so much fun to photograph.
 and I saw a few old photos form Dallas Cowboys games I shot show up in the internet.
Lower Hudson used a photo from last year's Cowboys Giants game.
and News Oklahoma used a photos from the Cowboys vs Bengals game this preseason.
Thanks for looking. I'll be on the Sports beat again next week and weekend. TCU volleyball has a big game against Texas Wednesday...go out and watch a game, it's a great atmosphere!

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