Friday, September 6, 2013

Lori and Ron

Last Sunday Lori and Ron got married. It was a beautiful intimate ceremony at the Northeast Wedding Chapel. Here's a peek.
 Aren't they gorgeous?
She was standing outside the door waiting to come in and they made eye contact. It was so sweet.
...and then she came in, stunning.
Its so easy to work at the Northeast Wedding Chapel and we were able to get both their faces as the looked at each other during the ceremony. Check out that banner too. Lori made it herself, she told me she colored each letter in with Sharpie, now that is a labor of love! It was the perfect backdrop for their wedding.
They had the best man and matron of honor pray with them. Love this!
The kiss!
 Finally a few family photos. Ron has five daughters and they were game to have a little fun with the photos. What a super cute family :)
 Congratulations Lori and Ron! I'll have the rest of your wedding edited soon.

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  1. Love it!! You captured my sister beautifully! Thank you! Mandy