Friday, November 9, 2012

Ethan and Lucy

I'm trying to catch up on some blogging because you won't believe this...but I'm caught up on my editing :) Until tomorrow. A few weeks ago I photographed two of my favorite kiddos. Ethan and Lucy..and thier awesome parents of course, but as always the kids stole the show. I have no idea what they had for breakfast before we had out shoot but I think it was some magic combination of carbs, sugar and love...Ethan and Lucy were on their modeling game the day we took photos.

Here's a little peek.
Could you ask for cuter kids? No way!
 Mom and Dad both graduated from TCU and dad works at the TCU magazine (you should go over there an like them on facebook by the from this series is their cover photo) and he had a couple of magazine with him when we did our shoot. How cute is this?
 So we started out on the steps at Robert Carr Chapel where mom and dad got married. You know how I love taking portraits in a place that means something to you. and Lucy was just as sweet as can be, her body language just makes these photos.
 They are such sweet loving kids.
 A few closeups of each one.
 Ethan found this little stairwell where the light was making a pattern on the wall and wanted his photo shot there. I think he's already got an eye for composition.
 A little mommy daughter time...
 ...and father son time.
Finally we stopped at the Frog. You can't go wrong taking photos by the frog wearing game day clothes.
 Last one, and I LOVE this one. I told Ethan to show me his muscles and Lucy just looked at him with the most perfect expression. I think this is the exact same look I would have given my brother. Absolutely Perfect.
 I hope you love your photos :) Thanks for modeling for me!

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