Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cowboys vs Browns

I got to photography the Dallas Cowboys vs Cleveland Browns today. Super fun :) It was a crazy ending and I can't remember ever shooting an overtime NFL game before. Here are a few places I've already seen my photos :)
I've never seen this one before. It's called AP: The Big Story.
 Three in the News-Herald. I especially like that pass play...
 The Albuquerque Journal
 The Austin American-Statesman
 The Greenwich Time
 Huffington Post
 Wichita Eagle Week 11 slideshow. There were photos on the front page during the game but they switch those out as the game goes on and since I'm shooting...I can't be saving clips on the web.

 The Cleveland Plain Dealer. I had several other photos on their site during the game that they replaced with their own staffer photos post game. I have three google alerts from the Plain Dealer during the game but when I went to look it was all staffer photos on the pages...Interesting.
 San Antonio Express News.
 Vancouver Sun
 and the game winner on Yhoo News :)
I so love shooting sports.

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