Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Wedding Details

I spent this weekend with a gorgeous Indian couple and a few photographer friends photographing an amazing wedding. Thursday was the Mehndi ceremony, Friday was the Sangeet and yesterday was the wedding and reception. I had so much fun watching all the traditions and ceremonies. Here are a few photos from the wedding.
I love her tying her skirt with some help from one of her friends. Her wedding dress was stunning, and it was covered in rhinestones so it weighed like 30 pounds. The bracelets on her wrists were placed on her during a ceremony the morning of the wedding by her aunts and aren't supposed to be removed for a year.
I actually did a little research before the internet before the wedding so I would know what was important and it was incredibly interesting. Apparently during the ceremony the brides girlfriends steal the groom's shoes and hide them, then in order for him to get his shoes back he has to pay the girls off. It was so fun to listen to the groom bargain to get his shoes back so they could take photos. He ended up paying the girls $100 per shoe.
Thursday when I was photographing the bride having her henna tattoos put on I thought it would be cool to photograph their wedding rings in her hands.
Love the mehndi.
At the reception the bride and groom stand on a small stool and several different ceremonies take place but the fun one is saved for the end. Two small pots are placed at their feet and they step off the stool and crush the pots and whoever crushes it first is the head of the household. I swear it was a tie :) Everyone was cheering and having so much fun.

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