Sunday, April 26, 2015

Morgan's Motown Bat Mitzvah

Last weekend Morgan had her Bat Mitzvah. I posted a little sneak peek on Saturday between the service and the party but now I have the rest of her stunning day ready to share with you. The service was at Temple Emanu-El in Dallas and the party later that night was at Royal Oaks Country Club. Laura with L'events did a fabulous job with the planning and decor and DJ Haze kept the dance floor packed all night. Here are Momo's weekend highlights.
The weekend started off with a Shabbat Dinner at The Mercury in Dallas.
 There was Challah made by Emily and her mom...Yum! I photographer her Bat Mitzvah earlier this year and it was so great to see them again this weekend.
 Morgan took a few minutes to model for me before the guests got to dinner.
 They had a short Shabbat Service.
 Love the way Morgan looks up to her mom.
 Then her friends performed a skit for her.
Morgan and her family watch her best friends sing and dance for her.
 After the fist course Morgan had a candle lighting ceremony where she read a poem about each of the people who were attending the dinner and they came up to light a candle. We did this at my nieces and nephew's Mitzvahs but this was the first time I've seen it in done in Dallas. I think it a nice tradition and really lets the people you have at your celebration know how special they are to you. Love it! Oh...and I love the concentration of both Morgan and her sister as they light the candles.
A few photos taken by candlelight.
What a wonderful family.
Saturday morning started with the service at Temple Emanu-El.
 Some family photos.
 With the Torah
 Mom, Dad and Sister.
The family.
 The service was followed by a luncheon at the Temple. The table centerpieces were desserts. Yum. I'm told the petit fours came from Stein's bakery in Dallas and I'll admit...I had one. It was fabulous. Maybe because I haven't had much sugar lately on my diet...but wow...that petit four has my mouth watering now a week later. I think I need to take a trip over there soon.
Balloons on the kids side of the room.
 That evening at Royal Oaks Country Club was amazing. Laura transformed the ballroom into Motown.
 Complete with streetlights and street signs.
 I'm personally loving how she used this giant photos I took of Morgan as the centerpiece of the dance floor. There is nothing better than taking beautiful photos and seeing them displayed beautifully and prominently. I absolutely love this.
 They also used one of the photos I took of Morgan on her Motown sign. She's sitting in the moon :) Really she was sitting on some stairs but with the magic of photoshop...moon!
 A few more details.
 The food and drink were great. The sliders and Chinese food were served from "food trucks" and both the kids and adults had signature drinks.  The kids had a MiMOsa made with orange sherbert or LeMOnade and the adults had MOtinis and CosMOpolitans. Clever!
 Gorgeous family.
What a great girl. She was so much fun to photograph.So sweet and nice. I saw her last night at a friend's party and she made a point to tell me thank you and that she liked her photos. That made my day.
 Momo's grand entrance.
The party started with a little Motown music and a family dance.
 Then everyone joined in and stayed on the dance floor all night.
 Even Claudia was rocking.
 Of course there was a hula hoop contest.
 And a sweet father daughter dance.

 Love this cute moment.
 Time for the Hora
 Everyone went up on the chair.
The montage was cute. 
 and the snowball dance. Morgan picked Jake to dance with...I photographed his Bar Mitzvah last November.
 These kids were great and even mom and did got a chance to slow dance.
 Dancing with friends.
 and dancing with mom.
 And a family dance to end the night.
 Morgan and her besties and their mom's What a great group of ladies. I'm glad I know almost all of them well.
 Finally Momo ith mom and with dad. Love this family.
Congratulations Morgan!

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