Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meyer's Bar Mitzvah

Last weekend I spent Saturday with Meyer's wonderful family. I've already posted a little sneak peek of his Bar Mitzvah but there were just so many fun images I wanted to share more. The service as at Temple Emanu-El and the party was just down the road at The Park Cities Hilton. Ann Cuellar, the catering manager at the Hilton did a gorgeous job on the food and the room. Fenton as always had the kids dancing all afternoon and DJ Zach Rocks was great to work with. Anthony de Manincor brought his Plush Photo Pod out and let me tell you...the Plush Photo Pod is the Cadillac of Photo booths. It's fabulous!
 Reading from the Torah.
A few portraits of Meyer
Some with dad.
and with mom.
A few cute ones with his sister.
And the whole family.

The decor at the party was great. I loved the sign in board. They had a gallery wrapped canvas made and everyone signed it with silver sharpies. I love this idea. The centerpieces on the kids tables were made of candy and the centerpieces on the adult tables were gorgeous succulents woos and candles. 
 The kids arrived at the party on a school bus. How fun is that?! I love it!
 Meyer is introduced to the party.
 He and his friends sing "Sweet Caroline"
 Then his friends lifted him in the chair in an impromptu Hora. I'm loving the kid on the far left with the thumbs up. He makes me smile.
 Then the adults lifted him for the real Hora.
 and his sister too...and its so fun that Meyer is helping to get his up in the air.
 Meyer and his friends absolutely had a ball in the photo booth. I've worked with Anthony from Plush Photo Pod before and he's great. His pod is bigger than the rest so the kids love it. He brings a few boxes for them to stand on and they can get a lot of faces in their pictures.
 Not going to lie...the horse lingering in the background cracks me up.
 Back to the party. Dancing.
 and the best hula hoop reaction ever. It's the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat right there in one photo.
 The adults too over the dance floor after most of the kids left. Don't stop believin'...
 Hold on to that feeling...
 air guitar solo.
 Mom and dad slow dance as Meyer takes over the microphone.
 A very quick mother son dance.
 and the confetti...oh I love the confetti. The DJ had a great confetti canon he told me he bought in 2005 and just took out of the package for the party. He had enough confetti to load it several times and it was fabulous. Sophia LOVED throwing the confetti.
 The whole family at the end of the party.
 Just Meyer catching some confetti in his hat.
 Such a pretty girl.
 and a handsome man.
Congratulations Meyer. Your party was fantastic!

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