Wednesday, February 25, 2015

David's Neon Bar Mitzvah

Ahhh...a few weeks ago I got to spend a few days with David and his family. What a wonderful experience. Normally at Temple Emanu-El we take the family portraits the day of the Bar Mitzvah but David's family wanted to switch it up and take their family portraits on one of his rehearsal days and it was fantastic because I got to photograph a little of the rehearsal which I love to do. Then the day of the Bar Mitzvah we took a few extended family portraits and went to the party in the auditorium that Laura of L'Events had completely transformed into a glowing neon wonderland. Here are a few highlights.
David on the Bimah practicing his speech during the rehearsal.
 David was very serious at his rehearsal and I think his photos came out great. He looks so grown up.
 I love the little details. Kippah, Tallit, Program.
 The family in front of the Ark.
 Love this one.
 On the day of his Bar Mitzvah David was able to relax a little and we just a few more family photos.
 Then we made our way into David's Neon Town. Laura completely transformed the room with light. It was gorgeous!
 The DJ even had hula hoops with lights in them for the hula hoop contest.
 Now that's talent. I'm not sure I could keep one hula hoop going, much less three!
 David and his friends were laughing and smiling all day.
 It was time for the Hora so they had a train to go around the room and pick everyone up on the way to the dance floor. That rainbow of light behind them on the wall is ahhh...mazing!
 Up in the chair they go!
 Fenton and DJ Haze kept the party going all afternoon.
 David was all smiles all day and at the end of the party he got a hula hoop halo.
 Congratulations on you Bar Mitzvah David! I hope to see your smiling face at another party soon!

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