Sunday, April 28, 2013

Janice and Art are Married!

Some days are great...and some are even greater. Today, I went to one of the happiest most heartfelt wedding ceremonies I have ever been to. It was all family and simply amazing. Janice and Art got married in their home surrounded by their children and grand children. Their ceremony was just perfect. Here's a peek.
Janice holds the rings that will make them husband and wife, and here they are right after their ceremony: Janice and Art, perfect together.
A few details: The Ketubah, Art's Kippah, their Kiddush Cups, and the wine. This is the same wine I had at my wedding. Every time I photograph a wedding where the bride and groom have their blessing with this same wine, all I have to do is smell it and this wave of nostalgia sweeps over me, and I'm immediately taken back to one of the happiest days of my life...which is exactly what your wedding day should be :) Oh, and the gorgeous cake, let's not forget how much I love cake.
They started with the signing of the Ketubah with the two Rabbi's.
They are the happiest couple. Look at the way they look at each other. Perfect!
Love this moment right after they signed and sang.
Time for the ceremony...full smiles all around.
Their daughters held the Chuppah as their family stood around them for the ceremony and the Rabbi told a story of how he happened to see them when they were out on their first date.
Their ceremony was filled with the seven traditional blessings.
I love the ring tradition. The ring is placed on the index finger during the ceremony. And I love the kiss tradition too, if you notice, Art's foot is still on the glass he just shattered. Two days in a row I got to witness the breaking of the glass.
A few portraits of this sweet beautiful, completely in love, couple.
Congratulations Art and Janice. I with you endless happiness. I'll have all your photos edited soon.

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