Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bethany and Jeremy

A few weeks ago I met Bethany and Jeremy. Neither of them lives in Dallas/Fort Worth but they have family here so they got married here. Their beautiful wedding was at Alsbury Baptist Church in Burleson and the fun reception was at K Star Ranch in Mansfield. Here are some highlights :)
I'll start off with separate photos of them we took before the ceremony, it was so windy we didn't want to go outside before...
 ...after the wind died down a bit and they had some perfect alone time.
Now...back to the story :) Bethany's beautiful dress in the nursery where she got ready.
 The Star Trek tie clips the groomsmen wore and the bouquet, love that bit of blue.
 Best Man with her ring...
 ...and Maid of Honer with his
Everyone was so excited and emotional while she was getting ready, mom even started to cry.
Lacing up the dress
Finishing touches. Look at that smile :)
 I just have to share this one with mom because I love it. It's just happy.
 So the moment before they walked down the aisle, everyone was looking at them and they were looking at each other. My favorite. Remember this photo in a few frames...I'll explain. I promise.
And this is why I always have two photographers. Always. Different angles. When dad kissed her from my angle it was OK...from Scott's angle. Beautiful.
 An overall. I love the light in this sanctuary.
 All eyes on the groom.
A little laughter. :)
Some prayer, some gorgeous light and a kiss. Who could ask for more?
That look...Perfection.
Right after the ceremony they all had laughs in the hall...what it interesting here besides the joy on their faces is they stopped in front of a military bulletin board and Bethany is in the military. I didn't notice it until I was editing, but I think it's kind of fun.
We did some fun wedding party photos outside after the wedding.
And then we made out way to the reception. Just a few before the party. Cowboys boots with stars on the bottom. I need those. Really...I do. there are two things I love in this world: cupcakes and stars. Cupcakes on boots just wouldn't work. Stars on the other hand...amazing.
 You know I'm going to show off the rings. I took them outside during dinner and photographed them on the bend and table we used for their portraits.
 Twinkle lights and cake.
 Just a little detail of the cake reflected in the server.
 Bouquet and napkins.
 So...this is the photo. Remember when dad was looking at Bethany right before the ceremony? Now Jeremy is looking her the exact same way in the doorway to the reception. I couldn't have planned that if I wanted to. Love, love, LOVE! Really go back and look. Exactly the same.
...and a beautiful first dance. He was singing to her. Super sweet.
 Bouquet toss.
 Garter toss. His brother tried to catch it, but the kids were ruthless and scrappy :) The little ones move so fast!
 Last Dance.
 So this was fun. Mom was saying all night she wanted them to sign their marriage license. I looked up and the minister was there with his phone in the dark using it as a flashlight to sign. That worked out well for a photo :)
 Scott snapped this photo of me shooting the exit. I actually like it. That's my best side by the way :) I'm all squinty when I shoot. lol.
 Finally the bubbles. I have lots of photos of them walking through the bubbles, kissing in the bubbles but this one with them just a bit soft, sharing a look with the bubbles all sharp makes me think of a happy memory. Bethany and Jeremy wedding was definitely happy and I wish them millions of happy memories together.
 Congratulations Bethany and Jeremy!

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