Saturday, January 26, 2013

Samantha's Bat Mitzvah

Last week I spent some time with Samantha and her amazing family. Her Bat Mitzvah was Saturday and she was incredible. Here are some highlights.
 We photographed her rehearsal a few days before.
 The family with the Torah.
 Sam with the Torah. I love the Ark at Shearith Israel, it is gorgeous and glows.
 The party was at eM the venue. Her name was in lights on the outside. How cool is that?!
 and the inside was bathed in pink light. Beautiful!
 A few party details.
 and the desserts! Samantha's dad is a chocolate critic so the desserts we out of this world. Check out his Eat More Chocolate facebook page.
 The blessing.
 The light was like a concert so it was neat when Samantha took over the microphone.
 Snowball dance. I love this :)
 Time for the montage.
 It wouldn't be a Bat Mitzvah without some blinking rings, glow sticks and sunglasses.
 Sam danced all night with her friends.
and then she and her brother Max put on a two song concert. It was fabulous! Sam has great self confidence and totally rocked her moment on stage.
Mom and dad and grandma watching from the crowd :)
 Time for the Hora.
 What a great reaction!
 They did a father daughter dance and  there was this cool mirror on the wall I was waiting all night for the right moment to take a photo in the mirror. This works.
Mom danced with younger brother Jeffery during the dance as the other fathers danced with their daughters.
 Sweet :)
 Love this beautiful family!
Finally Sam with her pink wall. Congratulations Samantha you did a wonderful job and your party was fantastic! Thanks for having me as your photographer.

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