Thursday, January 10, 2013

Karis - Fort Worth Senior Portraits

Baby, it's cold outside but that doesn't mean you can't take beautiful portraits :) Karis and her mom met me at my studio last week and Karis braved the wind and chill and we got some amazing photos to document her senior year. Here's a peek.
We started inside in the warm with all the shirts from her club volleyball team. I photographed Karis last year playing volleyball so it was neat to work with her in a different setting. I have about three students from her team in my photo class this year. How cool is that!
 Then a few close-ups in casual clothes.
 And some with her letter jacket and volleyball on the brick wall. Karis can really rock the serious "game face". I can;t even imagine facing her from the other side of the net.
 A few more letter jacket shots. One outside and one on the seamless white, which I love. We just painted it last week and it is perfect.
 Then Karis pulled out her red jacket. Perfect! I love how she basically made two or three classic clothing pieces into a great senior portrait wardrobe. She took all these photos in one pair of denim jeans, one pair of colored jeans, a black skirt, a black t-shirt, a white tank, a denim button down shirt and a pink top. Love that it makes me think of a magazine article on how to take your day look into the evening :)
 See...same top and jacket but the skirt gives her a totally different look. And I love this location, the glass blocks make me happy.
 All American Girl.
 We did all these photos in a one mile radius of my studio...they are my tried and true locations but this was a first. There is a set of concrete step that used to go to a business or house across the street from my studio. I've been eyeing them for a while, waiting for a day when the light was right to shoot here. I like it. I'm going to have to add these steps to my usual locations.
 Thanks for hanging out with me for a few hours Karis!

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