Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Family Portraits - Dallas, Texas

Last weekend I met Richard, Jamaica and their beautiful daughter Alexa for a fun family portrait session. We had a great time and Alexa...well she had a cupcake shirt on so we bonded right away. You know how I LOVE the cupcake!

Here's a little peek :)
Love this shirt. I mean...really love it!
 Richard, Jamaica and Alexa were open to all my ideas so we got lots of poses.
 She's beautiful :) look at that sweet smile.
 Some walking
 Love this one.
 and these.
 ...OK I love them all. But seriously, how cute is this?!
 ...and this?! His little girl is the center of his world. I can see it in his smile.
 Alexa and I got mom and dad to pose for a few photos alone as well.
 Then Alexa popped back in and we had fun on the stairs.
 Time for a close-up.
 I love action photos...running and we even got them all to jump a few times.
 Finally...Alexa in a littel nest of green grass. Beautiful!
 I hope you love your photos! I'll have them all edited for you soon.

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  1. We loved our photos! Thank you so much for your work, and your natural gift!