Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family Portriats

This afternoon I got to spend some time with the Humphreys and Candler family. They are so fun and they have a pretty amazing backyard. Here are a few from our session.

Mimi and Dude are always game for fun, so when we were trying to get the grandkids to lie in the hammock for a photo...they modeled what we wanted but the kids would have no part of it so I got them to switch positions a little and their puppy jumped up and had to be in the photo too. I love this one.
 We did get the whole faily together for at least one photo.
 Then we got a few smaller family groupings. Dawn and Brent and their upside down kiddos and Brooks and his two little boys. His wife was at home because next time we shoot there will be five little kiddos :)
 A few more of Dawn and Brent. I don't think dad knew what was coming when we set this one up. The boys had so much fun on their shoulders.
 Now for the outtake of the day...for most of the session we could only have one happy child at a time. This was pretty much how our afternoon went...but you know what, life's not perfect and sometimes the outtakes are the photos you cherish the most. I think this one's adorable.

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  1. Awe! I used to take care of Jaxon when he was a baby! He looks so different now!