Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catherine + Patrick = Love

A few weeks ago Scott and I had the pleasure of photographing Catherine and Patrick's gorgeous wedding in San Antonio, Texas. We are based in Dallas/Fort Worth, but we love to travel and San Antonio is just down the road a few hours. Catherine and Patrick are such a sweet wonderful's their story. The wedding was as St Luke's Episcopal Church and the reception was just down the road at Club Giraud in downtown.
They have simply gorgeous rings. Catherine's engagement ring is a family heirloom from Patrick's side of the family and if I remember correctly it dates back to the 1800's and she's the fourth woman in his family to wear it. I so love that. They are such a classic couple who put so many connections to the past into their wedding day...super romantic.
Catherine's fabulous lace-covered dress.
Her grandmother's beaded purse and her new shoes.
Her bouquet wrapped in a heirloom hankie and her fabulous wedding ring and her mother's pearl earrings that mom also wore on her wedding day.
The comb for her hair and the blue family hankie she pinned inside her dress and the six pence for her shoe...those were mom's as well.
A little help with the tiny buttons.
 Final Touches
 ...and it was time for the bridesmaids to get their first glimpse of Catherine. Catherine did not want anyone seeing her in her dress before the big reveal so I am honored I got to see her about a month before for her bridal session. Look a the faves on her attendants...the surprise was worth it. Oh, and don;t you love their dresses? I would so totally love to wear this raspberry dress with pockets. Super cute!
 After the bridesmaids got to see her, Catherine put on her veil and I peeks into the sanctuary and caught dad alone in a little private moment in the back of the Sanctuary. He was sitting there reflecting in his wedding (more on that in a minute) and giving his only daughter away.
 Patrick's mom helps him with his tie.
 and it's time...The guys line up to walk in and as Patrick makes it to the altar his brother gives him a pat on the back. I love this makes my heart smile.
 So just before the doors open everyone else looks toward the door and Patrick takes a glance at his brother. The next moment...his eyes are on Catherine for the rest of the night.
 All eyes on the bride.
 Look at that smile. It's a reflection of hers.
 Rings and blessing.
 The kiss! She wore her veil over her face, so classic, and after he pulled it over the kiss was super romantic. Love that smile on her face after.
 Mr. and Mrs.

 So here's the amazing story. Catherine and Patrick were supposed to get married in Fort Worth. Their wedding was planned for a few weeks from now when NASCAR will be in town...they couldn't find any hotel rooms for guests. Don't get me started on the evils of car racing happening on your wedding day...but basically let's just say Catherine and I are kindred spirits in this matter. She starts looking for a new place to get married not in the DFW area so they can have accommodations for their guests. She checks the church in San Antonio where her parents got married 30 years ago and it's cool is that? She got married under the same cross that her mom and dad got married under. I'd say it was meant to be.
 Patrick and Catherine in theri wedding finery.
 One from her bridal session and Patrick in the same room on their wedding day. You can see more of her beautiful bridal photos here.
 The gorgeous girls.
 The handsome guys.
 The wedding party.
 So fun.
 Some alone time.
 A different one in the mirror as we got to the reception.
 One last kiss before they go greet their guests.
 Reception details. Love that TCU grooms cake...and the silver vases, you guessed it, family heirlooms.
 Sweet first dance as the band plays.
 So into each other.
 Moments with dad and mom during the parent dances.
 Laughter. There's nothing better than a bride and groom who have fun at their reception.
 Here's why I always have two photographers at a wedding. This is the classic photo of the bride and groom kissing after the cake tasting.
 and Scott was just a little to the side of me, shooting a little tighter and caught the flash from someon'es iPhone. That bright LED light makes a fabulous starburst :)
 There's nothing better then simply holding hands.
 Time to party.
These two were totally doing the Gangnam Style dance.
 My favorite.
 Patrick's parents dance.
 Catherine dances with her mom.
 and Dad joins in for a family dance.
 Bouquet time
Birdseed exit to the river. It's this adorable? I so rarely see birdseed but it so classic it's perfect for their wedding and I love how it shows up in the light. It looks like glitter in the night.
and they took a riverboat to their hotel. :)
Congratulations Catherine and Patrick! I loved photographing your wedding.

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  1. Those pictures were awesome. Thanks for sharing. We haven't played at the Grand Giraud but I'm looking forward to it. Thanks again for sharing, Janine, owner Big Tyme Entertainment