Monday, September 3, 2012


It's been a busy week. School starts and I had something to photograph every night after school, and a wedding this weekend. I love it :) Since I've been busy I've neglected the blog a bit and I eally should be in bed right now, but if I don;t post these photo today...who knows when I'll have time again.
I'll start with some TCU volleyball. This is one of my photos from Saturday evening's game. I love everything about it, especially the coach in the background watching and all those fingers trying to get to the ball.
 This one's from team photo day. You might have seen an outtake posted on the TCU volleyball facebook page with me standing on a bunch of boxes to shoot it. Go like the TCU volleyball page...they rock. Oh and they post my photos after the games.
Alumni Game a few weeks ago.
 Friday Coach Lewis got her 200th win.
 Saturday's first game
 Saturday's second game.
 Here's a nice little bench reaction photo I like.
 And now for a little UTA volleyball. Team photo day at College Park Center and again I was standing way up high. This time on a 16 foot ladder though.
 Today's game
 and now...are you ready fr some football? I got to photograph the Cowboys preseason game against the Miami Dolphins last Wednesday and my photos ran all over the place. Here are just a few clips.
 Austin American Statesman
 Corpus Christ Caller-Times
 Denton Record-Chronicle
 Houston Chronicle
 Kirsap Sun
 Knoxville News
 Miami Herald
 The Press-Enterprise
 The St. Augustine Record
And a bunch ran in the San Antonio Express-News slideshow but I haven't got the time to organize them tonight.
 These two are from a few weeks ago.
Property Casualty 360
 San Antonio Express-News
 Thanks for looking :)

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