Monday, August 20, 2012

Stephen and Van...Married!

A few weeks ago I had the chance to photograph Stephen and Van's amazing wedding. I posted a sneak peek right after their wedding but now that I've had a chance to edit all their images I have so many more favorites to share :)
Their rings. LOVE.
 Actually they had such cool things for me to photograph their rings with I just could not stop myself. I loved this sign in board. Everyone that came to the wedding put their thumb print on the tree and signed it. Super neat keepsake.
 So for the ceremony Van wore traditional Vietnamese wedding attire.
 She got ready with the help of her friends.
 I love this sweet little moment with the ring bearer.
 and this one...Van and her mom near the photo of her parents on their wedding day. Perfect.
 Stephen waiting for the ceremony to start.
 So there are a lot of traditions in a Vietnamese wedding. As the groom arrives at the bride's family home his family brings gifts including betel nuts, fruits, teas, cakes, a roast pig and jewelry for the bride. These gifts represent the wealth the groom's family will bring to the bride's family.
 Then the guys hand over the gifts to the girls.
 and the groom's parents lead their son to the bride's family's home.
 Her parents were waiting at the door to let everyone in.
 Van was waiting in the back, not allowed to see her groom,  as everyone filled the living room and the parents introduced their families to each other.
 Finally her dad went to get her and brought her into the room where everyone was waiting.
 We used a fish-eye up high so that we could see everyone at the wedding. As the bride and groom greet each other for the first time.
 Then  the ceremonies started. The groom presents the flowers to the bride as his gift to her. I love the vivid colors in this photo.
 There is permission ceremony where the bride and groom burn incense in from of the bride's ancestor's altar asking permission from the ancestors to bless them.
There is a formal tea ceremony where the bride and groom serve tea to their parents who then give them advice.
 There is a ring ceremony, the tea ceremony, and both families give jewelry to the bride, putting it on her for good fortune.
 How beautiful are they?
 Then they got ready all over again for their reception in the evening.
 Van's friends helped her get read again.
 Then Stephen and Van had a first look which you saw in the sneak peek, and we had some time to take photos of the two of them together.
 Again...don't they look amazing. I love that they embraced each other cultures and shared their wedding festivities between the two. Beautiful.
 The gorgeous girls.
 The amazing guys.
 The whole super fun wedding party.
 Reception time. Introduction. Speeches.
 Lovely first dance.
 Van got a little emotional as she read her speech in Vietnamese and Stephen was smiling all day.
 They shared their parent dances.
 You know I love the cake and this backdrop was pretty great.
Then the party started and the cool lights came on to light up the room with alternating colors. All of Stephen's family was dancing the Cupid Shuffle together.
 Van had some great dance moves.
 Dancing with the kids.
 Van and Stephen's dad having a little fun.
 What a great party.
 A kiss from her brother.
 Last dance.
 Congratulations Stevan! I hope you love your photos :)

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