Monday, July 2, 2012

Kevin and Jamie's amazing destination wedding

A few weeks ago Kevin and Jamie got married on the beach in Costa Rica. It was simply amazing. I've already posted some portraits from their beautiful day, Jamie's trash the dress session and their fun welcome party, but I'm going to share with you their romantic wedding. Ahh...mazing is all I can say. Grab something to drink, settle in and enjoy...this is a long and lovely post :)

Kevin and Jamie had some beautiful stationary for their wedding. The initials in the brackets are pretty awesome. I'm totally using this idea in the future. The logo and all the cards were designed by the amazingly talented people at JODesign.
 There were menus for the welcome party & the wedding dinner, the invitations, a save the date, reply cards, a wedding weekend itinerary, and even a few cards for bags of midnight snacks and thank you gifts for their guests. A complete collection of K&J goodness.
 The wedding was on Manuel Antonio Beach and the reception was at La Mariposa hotel where all the guests were staying. I had a corner room on the fourth floor overlooking the ocean. Can you say SWEET!
So Jamie had this gorgeous dress. I photographed it in lots of places but I liked it reflected in the mirror and hanging in the entry of the hotel.
The bead-work on the bodice was beautiful.
Jamie wore native flowers in her hair and had some hand-made earrings to wear.
Getting ready.
While she was getting ready Mae, her wedding planner came in and showed her a photo of the set-up on the beach. Mae is with Supreme Weddings and did an simply fabulous job getting everything ready and set up...coordinating a wedding in a foreign country is not an easy task and Kevin, Jamie and Mae made it all happen.
Jamie and Kevin wrote their own vows. She had some handwritten notes and just before getting into her dress she typed then into her laptop to print out. So sweet.
Putting on her earrings.
While Jamie was getting ready in her friend's room, Kevin was getting ready in their room. They had the coolest room in the hotel. It was originally designed as the owner's private living space but it has been turned into the "penthouse" and it has a giant covered patio with private hot tub on it. Their room was so cool! Now you know it doesn't take the guys nearly as long to get ready but I still like to pop in and get a few shots. Kevin wore linen and he had this great hat.
These are two of my favorites.
So...while I was up at the hotel photographing all the personal details and Kevin and Jamie getting ready, Gregg was down on the beach photographing the ceremony site and all those details before the guests arrived. They set out paper umbrellas to make an aisle and threw rose petals on the sand.
There were paper cones filled with more petals hanging from the chairs and glasses full of colored glass for this beautiful ceremony they had. More on that later :)
So as the guests arrived they shed their shoes for the barefoot wedding.
Their moms had the rings, and I love, love, LOVE this photo.
Speaking of rings ;) you know I cannot resist the bling. I just love the challenge of photographing something different and unique with each set of rings.
The rings on the sand. I'll tell you a secret. When Gregg was down at the beach shooting the set up I had him take a ziploc bag and bring me some sand back just in case I didn't have time while we were at the beach to photograph the rings. The beach was actually quite a hike from the hotel, and I knew I wanted to incorporate sand into a ring photo somehow. I didn't have to use the sand in the bag, but I had it if I needed it :)
Now, back to the wedding day story. Jamie and her dad have a tender moment just before he walks her out to see Kevin.
Kevin walks both moms down the aisle, and then Jamie and her dad head out.
My favorite part: watching the groom as he sees his bride for the first time. Ahhh. Yes, I've watched "27 Dresses", and no, I didn't get that from the movie. I've always done it. I love to see the look on the groom's face. Look how happy he is. An aside..."27 Dresses" is my favorite movie. I've probably watched it a hundred times. You know they have a beach wedding at the end of that movie :)
Isn't this gorgeous.
They are so happy and in love, and it shows on their faces.
They wrote their own vows.
A view from the ocean looking back. Can you see me? My assistant did a great job getting the angles I couldn't get.
The rose petals lined the sand. I can't decide which way I like this better: focus on the flowers or focus on the couple. It works both ways.
So the wedding was on the beach which is public and anything can happen. And it did. A little naked baby made a bee-line right for the ceremony, but his dad intercepted him before he got too close. Everyone had a great laugh.
More laughter.
Such a pretty place to get married.
This is why I always have two photographers. I was on one side as the moms brought the rings up and I can see Kevin and Jamie's faces, but Gregg was on the other side and he was able to capture the mothers' reactions. Perfect!
Now for that ceremony. Kevin and Jamie have colored pieces of glass and they each put a different color into the larger container, then they invited their families and guests to come add more bits of colored glass. Everyone at the wedding got to take part in the ceremony. Again, perfect.
Even the officiant, Kostas, took part.
And the guests showered them with the rose petals from the cones on their chairs as they walked back down the aisle. Beautiful!
Love this.
Immediately after the ceremony they had a toast on the beach.
Another quick kiss...
...and she tossed the bouquet.
Karuna caught it.
Kevin got a hug from Kostas
And then they headed down to the water's edge for their first dance. Didn't I tell you it was romantic? I so totally want to dance barefoot in the sand at sunset.
It had rained in the morning and more clouds were rolling in for another storm that hit about an hour after the wedding so we had some cool texture in the sky and beautiful soft light.
Kevin's so much fun and you can tell he was having a great time dancing with his wife to "You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band.
Toes in the sand as they dance.
Honestly...I love this photo too. Really, really, REALLY love this photo.
And then Kevin put his hat on Jamie :)
Then we all headed back to the hotel for the dinner. Some details.
Their cake server and forks. Jamie bought them on ETSY and I think they are just the coolest thing.
They had a little fun with the cake.
Yes, the cake was fantastic.
Jamie's sister gave a toast and talked about how rain on your wedding day is lucky.
Then we all headed down to the small pizza restaurant by the hotel where Kevin and Jamie had hired a local band to come play for an after-party.

Jamie danced with her dad and Kevin danced with his mom.
Jamie danced with her girls. It's funny she didn't have bridesmaids, but all three of her friends wore the same color...they didn't plan it. It just happened. Again...Perfect.
Kevin and Jamie danced.
And Jamie jumped in and played bongos with the band.
Then they had some local dancers come in and do a few traditional dances.
Kevin and Jamie were watching the dancers...I was watching them. So sweet.
They even got up and danced with them. How fun is that!
Congratulations Kevin and Jamie. I wish you a wonderful life together full of love, happiness and lots of photos :)

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