Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kevin and Jamie are getting married :)

I've spent the last few days with the most wonderful couple. Kevin and Jamie are getting married tomorrow in Costa Rica on Manuel Antonio Beach and I've been here with them for the last few days. Yesterday was a lot of fun we took a hike in the rainforest and then there was welcome party at La Mariposa, the hotel where everyone is staying. Ahh...tommorow, wedding in paradise :)
First, a photo of the lovely couple. :)
 We started out day hiking the Rainmaker which is a beautiful trail through the rainforest. I love this little heart shaped leaf with the light shining through it. Apppropriate? I think so :)
The plants were amazing and the trail was up an down and there were rope bridges we crossed in the trees. It was gorgeous.
Pretty light. This leaf looks like a fan.
 And this is a skeleton leaf. It's like a ghost.
 We also saw a little wildlife. Out tour guide had an eagle-eye. This little guys was just hanging out.
 This was one of two eyelash vipers we saw on the trail. Venomous...yes. EEK!
 A blue butterfly. I love the contrast of the super bright cold and the dirt and roots.
 Kevin and Jamie are photographers too.
 We stopped at a swimming hole where most of the group hopped in and swam in the waterfall.
 Then I got a few photos of Kevin and Jamie together on the rocks. So sweet.
 Once we got back to the hotel we had time to change and head out to the welcome party.
 and delicious food.
Then everyone introduced themselves and told how they know Kevin and Jamie. Love this photo with her brother and sister on either side of the happy couple.
A few toasts.
 They really are so happy :)
Sweet words from mom and dad end up in hugs and tears. 
 Kevin and Jamie looking out over their party.
 The sunset was breathtaking.
 Then Jamie pulled out some flying lantern she had bought for the wedding and we released them into the night sky.
Congratulation Kevin and Jamie. I can't wait for tomorrow. 

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