Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lisa and Brandon are married :)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Lisa and Brandon's wonderful wedding at Las Colinas Country Club. They are pretty amazing...I'm just saying. Their day was full of laughter, fun and lots of surprises. Here are the highlights.
She got ready at her parents house and they had the dress they bright her home from the hospital in when she was born framed on the wall. I just had to put her veil with it.
Her shoes
Beautiful dress and jewelry
His tux and shoes.
The flowers. Her mom made the bouquets so they were in the fridge. Fun!
Lisa and her sister Becca get their hair done.
 Cute expressions.
Mom looking in as Lisa checks out her bouquet.
 So excited to get into the dress.
 Love all the hands helping.
 High-five her maid of honor.
 Dad puts her jewelry on.
 One they got to the venue they exchanged gifts. She got him a swiss army knife from his swiss army wife :)
 SHe had to break the ribbons to get into hers.
He had a star named after her!
Then they had a moment where they held hands separated by a door since they didn't want to see each other before the ceremony.
 A sweet family moment when they skyped with some family who could not attend.
 The ceremony :)
 They finally see each other.
 So sweet.
 She is so happy.
 I love ceremonies filled with laughter and smiles.
 The kiss.
Just after the kiss. Super fun! 
Leaving the ceremony. 
 The bridesmaids all wore shoes that matched their different colored bouquets.
 Aren't they gorgeous?
 and the guys are pretty handsome too :)
 The entire wedding party.
Had so much fun.
The reception.
The cakes were amazing.
A few details. 
The grand entrance.
 First dance.
 Father/daughter dance was a fun surprise and mother/son dance was super sweet. 
 Time for some toasts
And the cake.
 They danced all night.
Some alone time.
 Garter and bouquet toss.
 and a beautiful bubble exit.
May 26. What a wonderful day.
Congratualtions Lisa and Brandon!


  1. Sharon, these pictures are fabulous! You are such a gifted photographer, capturing the emotion in all of your pictures!! We had so much fun at the wedding! I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends getting married in the DFW area!!!