Friday, July 13, 2012

Erin + Jared = Happily Ever After

A few weeks ago Erin and Jared got married at the Victory Arts Center in Fort Worth. It's such a cool vintage venue and it was perfect for their amazing wedding.
 I'll start off with the beautiful building and the vintage convertible Rolls Royce they left in. It was so cool parked out in front of the building all day so the guests could see it as they arrived.
 Erin's beautiful dress.
 Something blue...and I love the way the ankle straps just fell into the shape of a heart.
 A few vintage accessories like the sequined clutch her grandmother carried on her wedding day.
 Amazing flowers.
 Just a fun shot of the girls getting ready. Erin was trying to keep her balance as they fluffed all the tulle under the skirt and buttoned the back of her dress at the same time.
 The ceremony room was filled with beautiful light, gorgeous wood floors and and impressive painted ceiling. Wow!
 I love this series. Forst Erin anxiously peers around the doorway from the brides room while waiting with her dad, then Jared the moment they open the doors and Erin's smile as she walks down the aisle. Priceless expressions.
 I love the way they look at each other. :)
 The light in this room was pretty amazing.
 The flowers were gorgeous.
 The gorgeous girls.
 The handsome guys.
 The wedding party was super fun.
 See...I told you so!
 Some alone time.
 Erin and Jared totally rocked the shoes and socks :)
 Some reception details
 Their rings in the doors.
 The Cakes.
 The entrance and first dance.
 I love how happy they are.
 there was a big heart made out of rose petals on the dance floor, and they danced around it for their first dance and took a bow at the end. So romantic.
 The toasts.
 I love this. Really, really, this.
 Party time! Isn't this little man adorable in his daddy's tie? Oh...and Jared is having a great time dancing with the bridesmaids.
 It was a great party all night.
 Sparkler exit.
 Just married :)
Congratulations Erin and Jared! I hope you love your photos :)

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