Friday, May 20, 2011

Rachel and Jason are getting married!

Tomorrow! I've been waiting on this one for a while and I am super excited for the wedding. Want to know why? They are a beautiful couple with four kids in the ceremony. Enough said. I love weddings where kids are involved. Why? Because they are so cute all dressed up like tiny adults and you never know what they are going to do. It's unpredictable and fun and always makes for great photos :)

Like I said. Kids are fun. Right when I got there to the rehearsal the boys ran up to the altar and started posing. They are ready for tomorrow! And Mikaela was a dancing queen...she's ready for the reception.
The wedding party waits patiently and a pretty photos of their hands in front of the cross. The light in Marty Leonard Chapel is gorgeous!
A cute moment when the minister told Jason he had to keep his eyes on Rachel and then he went into the first part of the ceremony as he asked Jason if he would buy Rachel an Aston Martin, and then asked Rachel if she would drive the Aston Martin, and finally asked her dad if he would pay for the Aston Martin. Fun couple plus fun minister equals a rehearsal full of laughter. I like that!
Like I said, smiles and laughter all night. My heart smiles when I see a couple so happy and in love.
My favorite photos from the night. "Who want to see them kiss?" His son jumps up, raises his hand and shouts "I do!" too :)
 Before the end of the rehearsal I saw this sweet moment between Jason and his mom and daughter. Aww. I love this.
 Congratulations Rachel and Jason! May tomorrow be the start of a wonderful journey full of joy.

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  1. I am the proud Auntie and your photographs are beautiful! Jason was our first child of the family and we are so proud that he is marrying the love of his life. Thank you for capturing the moments! Auntie C