Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cullen and Jo are Married!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Cullen and Jo's reception. They were married in San Francisco the weekend before but had a Celebration Under the Stars with friends and family in Granbury, Texas. So much fun!

Here are the highlights.
 The Rings. You know I love them. Here's to Years of Happiness Cullen and Jo. 
We started the evening with a few romantic portraits behind the house...
and down on the dock.
 Some details in daylight. Love these bright fun colors.
Ed and Trish welcome everyone to the party as Cullen and Jo look at each other. So cute. I love how the parents are looking at them but they are looking at each other. It makes my heart smile.
 First dance. They are so happy. It makes me happy too!
 So Cullen is an architect and he designed this house. It's really amazing inside and out. I think it's really appropriate and fun that they shared their first dance on the driveway of the "House That Cullen Built" surrounded by friends and family.
 Father-daughter and mother-son dances.
 At sunset we went out on the deck for a quick photo. Gregg got the wide shot with the lake...
...and I took the close-up silhouette with the pretty colors. We're a good team. Same moment, two very different images.
 Toasting time. Their expressions listening to the toasts by her sister and his brother are priceless.
 Some details after dark. Love the light strung in the trees and the candles on the tables. The wedding planner Luis Carmona did a fabulous job. He kept everything running smoothly all night long.
Love these photos of Cullen and Jo in the lights. Romantic and fun and beautiful.
Sparkler Exit.
Finally. This might be my favorite photo of the day. Cullen's mom went to the feed store and asked if she could borrow their sign and they actually said yes. Seriously, sometimes all you have to do is ask. Anyway, the sign was at the entrance to the driveway and I couldn't resist taking this beautiful couple out there after dark for a few fun shots.
Congratulations Cullen and Jo. We hope you love your photos and we wish you years of happiness.

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