Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fort Worth Family Portraits

I love this family...that is all.
I think I've been taking their family photos for about 5 or 6 years now...maybe more and this year they added a sweet puppy to the mix.
 And what a sweet dog she is...seriously...this dog was smiling for photos. Although the outtakes where she's licking Ethan in the face make me laugh.
Taylor and the kids were awesome and made this the easiest photo session ever.  We got so many great photos with everyone looking at the camera and smiling.
 We did try to get one without the dog and Taylor totally photo-bombed it. Really...the dog was not supposed to be in this one and she popped up at the last minute.
A few more cute kid and dog photos.
 Lucy is getting so grown up.
 And Ethan, as always, was my favorite model.
A few more of the kids.
 Love these with dad and with mom.
The girls and the boys.
Love this family photo.
So we had to get a little silly into our session.  Pre-jump, jump and untucked post-jump.
 Eho wants to watch mom and dad kiss? not E!
 Love these two.
 So we've been taking a version of this basic photo since Lucy was about 1 where Ethan is kissing her and I love it. My favorite.
Thanks for always making great photos for me to take :)

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