Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kate's Colorful Bat Mitzvah

Last night I had the pleasure of photographing Kate's amazing Bat Mitzvah at Temple Emanu-El. Her theme was Kate in Color and it was gorgeous. Her mom and planner Pepi Wucher from A Little Help Event Planning transformed the ballroom at Royal Oaks Country Club into a colorful wonderland. Here's a peek...
 Kate was stunning before the service when we did portraits.
The whole beautiful family.
Kate and Noah wanted to do the Charlie's Angels pose. This family likes to have fun! I like that :)
 Then it was off to the reception so I could photograph the amazing colorful room and details before the guests arrived. How amazing is this room? I love the lighted centerpieces and the uplighting really makes the room glow.
 The kids appetizes included Lik-a-Stix "shots" and test tubes filled with pop rocks.
 Kate, Noah, Robyn and Andrew at the party.
 The Hula Hoop championships.
 Kate didn't make it to the finals but everyone was having a great time watching these two battle it out in a girls vs guys Hula Hoop championship.
 The girls won and were super excited.
 Kate and her mom dancing and singing along to "I'm so Fancy"
Kate was surprised by some videos of her friends in her montage.
 They were all smiles as they watched.
 Daddy daughter dance.
 At the end of the daddy daughter dance things got a crazy :) Love this.
 Hora time!
 Finally at the end of the night Dancer Fenton and DJ P Love wanted a photo with Kate and her parents totally rocked the photo bomb. Best photo bomb ever!
Congrats Kate. Your day was amazing and I'll have all of your photos edited soon!

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