Sunday, January 5, 2014

Robert's Bar Mitzvah

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Robert's Bar Mitzvah at Temple Emanu-El. I photographed Robert's brother's milestone day a few years ago and it was so fun to work with this amazing family again. Here's a peek.
 A few ceremony details: Yamaka's for the guests and Roberts Tallit.
Robert with the Torah after a quick run through before the ceremony.
 We had lots of time before the service so I got to take some extra photos of Robert and his parents with the Torah.
I love the stained glass at Emanu-El. It's one of my favorite places to take family portraits. The color is  just beautiful.
 All the family.
While the service was going on I photographed the party being set up. Robert's theme was Pay it Forward. All the basketballs are bring donated to charity, that's a pretty great idea to decorate your party with things that can be used to enrich the loves of others after you enjoy them for a few hours. I'm guessing the labels were taken off the cans and those are being donated too. I love this idea!
 Since Robert is all about the basketball he made his entrance in a Mavs jersey and they had a few Pop-a-Shot games to play at the party.
 They also had blackjack tables...I think I have this same photo from Henry's Bar Mizvah a few years ago :)
 This is my favorite photo from the party. It was time to do the Hora and the DJ was calling for some "big, strong men" to come lift the chair...Robert's dad just walked over and picked it up by himself before anyone else volunteered to help.
THey did get some helpers and up Robert went.
 At the end of the afternoon I grabbed one last photo of the guest of honor.
 Congratulations Robert! You did a fabulous job and I absolutely loved your Pay it Forward theme.

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  1. Great pics...thanks so much for your lovely photos of this wonderful the 1-4-14 photo!
    Peter Goldstein (Robert's Uncle)