Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jack and Gracyn = Perfect

Today I met Jack and Gracyn. They are perfect. Really. Perfect. They are 9 days-old and the sweetest little twins I've ever seen.
This is Gracyn, she slept though our entire session. She is beautiful.
 This is Jack. He's a little more curious and wanted to see what was going on :)
 I just love these little babies. They were all about being cuddly together.
With mom and dad. They are just over 5 pounds each so they easily fit in daddy's arms.
 Love this one. Such a beautiful family.
 I just can't get enough of these babies. As I was about to leave I saw this little ottoman and we just had to put them on it with the pink and blue and green swirls. Love. Love. LOVE.
 Congratulations Mary and Jeff. Your babies are amazing and so are you. I hope you love your photos.

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  1. Sharon these are just precious. Wonderful photos. I so wish I could have done this with mine.