Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Place Jace!

Last weekend I got to spend some time with one of my favorite families. They just added a beautiful little man to their family and he's just wonderful. Meet Jace. He's pretty amazing.
Mom had bought this cute little name banner for him.
 And she had a few heirloom quilts.
 We even got some of Dad's sports stuff in a few photos. Future football player?
I love photographing in peoples homes because I can often get some sweet candid photos like this one of Lauren holding the bottle for her baby brother. We wanted to get a sweet shot of the two of them together but Lauren had other ideas :) Gotta love the just about three-year -old. We asked her to kiss her brother on the forehead and she licked him. So funny and super cute. 
 We did get a few nice photos of the whole family.
 Some sweet ones with mom.
 And dad.
 Finally I wanted to share this one of Jace holding on to Mommy's thumbs. Love it!
 Congratulations! I hope you love your photos :)

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