Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Emily and Anthony are Engaged!

I am so excited to get to shoot Emily and Anthony's wedding in November. They are such a cute couple and I feel like I've known them forever. Emily was in my class and they have been dating since high school so I've never known Emily without Anthony or Anthony without Emily. Love them!
They met in the band at Summit. That's what we call "Summit LOVE!"
And now, after college they are going to the chapel and they're gonna get married ;) This is actually the chapel where they will get married. Isn't it gorgeous? I love shooting here.
 A fun silhouette at the chapel as the sun was coming up and of course you have to see the ring.
 Another shot showcasing her gorgeous ring. Anthony did good :)
I have this place I like to shoot and last week I went there for a senior portrait session and someone had taken a piece of sidewalk chalk and written the plus and the heart on the wall. It was still there when we went back Sunday so we decided to use it for our photos. Typically I'm not the kind of photographer who would draw on the wall but if someone else is going to do it for me...then I'm going to take the opportunity to take a picture. I guess I'll have to remember to take an eraser next time I go there.
 We had a lot of fun making beautiful photos here.
 This is one of my favorites.
 And this one too.
 And oh yeah...I LOVE this one.
 Their wedding color is teal and I scouted around and found this teal wall. I love it with the pop of green. 
 This door is a lighter version and it's just down the alley from the bold teal wall. You should never walk around with me if you don't want to stop and take photos. I get inspired by everything!
 I mean, really, there's bluebonnets, there only in bloom for two weeks, let pull over and take some photos. We didn't plan bluebonnet or even any flower in the field type photos but I could not resist.
 Finally we stopped back at the studio for a few shots. I love these guys. They are perfect and perfect for each other.
 Congratulations Emily and Anthony! Your wedding is going to be amazing!

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  1. Very handsome man and a very beautiful woman. In short, a lovely couple.