Friday, November 25, 2011

Published Cowboys Photos

Yesterday I photographed the Cowboys Thanksgiving day game. Somehow I've worked in DFW for 16 years and never covered the Cowboys on Thanksgiving...I guess it was my turn :) I actually had a great game and even got a little TV time. I was on the field for the coin toss and the National anthem, in the right spot for two big touchdowns and the half-time show was awesome! Love Enrique Iglesias and Pit Bull!
One of my photos was on the front page of So super excited about that!
And a handful were on the slideshow as well.
I also had the front page of Sports Woo Hoo!!
And some in the slideshow.
Beaumont ran a ton of my pics.
Greenwich Time
 Houston Chronicle
 Kitsap Sun
 Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
 The News and Observer
 San Antonio Express News
 USA Today
 Whittier Daily News
And my friend Andrew saw one of my Romo photos run in his local an actual printed newspaper. Can you believe that ;)

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