Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Roman's Amazing Bar Mitzvah

So it's been a minute since I've had time to post a blog...ok maybe more like a few years. Bust since I have some time now I  thought I'd try to post some of the pretty events I've been covering too brighten your day.

Today I'm going to share Roman's amazing winter themed Bar Mitzvah from last year. Kristen at Amazing Events Dallas transformed the ballroom at Bent Tree Country Club into a stunning winter wonderland. Service was at Congregation Shearith Israel where I absolutely love taking photos.

This is Roman...he's an awesome kid with such a fun personality.
 We took some pretty portraits at the Temple a few days before his Bar Mitzvah.
Mom and Dad even got in on a few photos with this handsome young man.
I love that Shearith allows me to come to the final rehearsal and take a few candid photos.
 Finally it's party time!
 Just look at this stunning decor. The lighting, the ice sculptures on every table, the trees...I just can't get enough of this.
 Let's party!
 Dance contest
 Roman spent a lot of time up in the air. He crowd surfed and was on the dancer's shoulders a lot.
 Oh how I love a packed dance floor with everyone having fun.
Mom and dad love to party too.
 I just love capturing all the expressions during the montage.
 So the DJ put Roman on the spot to ask a specific girl to dance and it was maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen...so much fun.
 He did have a sweet dance with his mom.
And a fabulous Hora too!
 Everyone had a great time up in the chair.
 Near the end of the night, Roman's friends lifted him up one last time.
 A kiss for mom and he'd been wondering all evening if his tongue would stick to the ice sculptures...just so you know it did not stick.
A few party gifts for his guests.
Thanks for having me capture all these amazing memories for you! Mazel Tov!

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