Thursday, February 4, 2016

Camp Samantha

I am loving Samantha's Bat Mitzvah photos. Here theme was perfect and so much fun. We took some wonderful rehearsal photos at Shearith Israel on Thursday and then even more on Saturday at her amazing party at The Clubs at Prestonwood. Here's a peek at Camp Samantha!

Meet the beautiful Samantha.
 I was able to capture a few photos during the rehearsal.
 and then we had about an hour to take family portraits in the sanctuary.
 Love these family shots with the Torah.
 So Samantha read the same Torah portion that her mom rad at her Bat Mitzvah. I think that is so super amazing.
 All her grandparents.
 Some family photos in front of the Ark.
 I absolutely love this with the parents and grandparents with the Torah in front of the Ark.
 A few of Samantha with the Torah alone to celebrate her accomplishment.
 Saturday evening it was time for Camp Samantha. Love this theme.
 The room looked awesome in pink and purple light.
 Such a fun heme to decorate for. I love the wooden signs and "fireflies" in jars along with care packages as seating cards and cabins with table numbers on them. So cute!
 Samantha ran through a tunnel of her family and friends as she was introduced.
 Then her friends spontaneously bowed to her. Love that!
Then the party started! Hula Hoop Contest.
 and D.J. PLove rocking the dance floor all night.
 Samantha and her friends had a whole choreographed dance to Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer that everyone had fun dancing to.
 Bruce Wolpert of Picture this Green Screen took tons of photos on the green screen.
 and then they watched the montage.
 Love this reaction to a photo on the screen.
 Daddy daughter dance.
 And after a while mom and Evan joined in the dance too.
 Samantha gets ready for the Hora.
 Up in the chair.
 I love it when everyone in the family takes part in the Hora.
Group photo time.
Love this.
Samantha's party ended with jumping on bubble wrap.
 I think they liked it.
 Congratulations Samantha!

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