Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jordanna's Bat Mitzvah

Today was the beginning of Mitzvah season and Jordanna kicked it off with an amazing Bat Mitzvah. She was called to the Torah in the morning at Shearith Israel and then danced the night away with friends and family at eM the Venue in Dallas. Here's a quick peek at her wonderful day.
Jordanna and her beautiful family.
 With the Torah.
 It's party time and Jordanna is introduced.
 Snowball dance.
 Someone is dancing with someone and we are all surprised :) Love the reactions, so great.
Hula Hoop contest.
 Time for the Hora.
Everyone went up in the chair and had fun. Love that!
 Father daughter dance.
 So sweet.
 The night ended with a balloon drop.
The family.
 Jordanna,  thanks for having me take your Bat Mitzvah photos. You were amazing today and I'll have the rest of your photo posted soon!

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