Monday, May 26, 2014

Hayley & Daniel are Married!

Last night I had the pleasure of photographing Hayley and Daniel's gorgeous wedding at The Slate in Richardson. Here's a peek at their beautiful day.
Hayley and Daniel were all smiles all day.
 The rings on the Ketubah.
 They did a first touch and read letters that they had written to each other. I love when couples leave time to do this, it's such a nice ay to connect on your wedding day.
 Then they did a first look in their ceremony room.
 Since they did a first look we had lots of time to take bride and groom photos before the wedding. It was raining so we took advantage of the simplicity of their ceremony space to do their photos. It's good luck if it rains of your wedding day, but I don't think Hayley and Daniel need luck...they are truly in love.
A few portraits showing off a few Jewish traditions. They were married wrapped in Hayley's grandfather's Tallit and during the ceremony they put the rings on each others index fingers in the Jewish tradition that the index finger is a direct line to the heart.
 Then we had some time for wedding party photos. The girls were simply fabulous.
 ...and the guys...super fun. When I asked them to "show their socks I expects a few inches...I got this little bit of hilarity. So. Much. Fun.
 The whole gorgeous wedding party.
 Ceremony time. The Slate is a "blank slate" and Hayley's mom Wendy who is an event planner turned it into an indoor sunset under the Chuppah.
 The ring exchange.
 The kiss. I love Hayley's reaction.
 A few portraits on the reception side of the venue.
 First dance.
 Last dance.
Congratulations Hayley and Daniel. Your wedding was simply amazing. I'll have the rest of your photos edited soon!

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