Thursday, February 9, 2012

News Photos

Last night I got to photograph Rick Santorum on the campaign trail in Texas. It was pretty cool and I haven't covered any politics since the last election so it was a nice change of pace for me. I went to two events in Allen and Plano and ended up working the photos on my laptop in the front seat of my car and sending with my MiFi because I didn't have time to find a Starbucks to work in comfort :)

Here are the clips:
The National Journal
 The Jakarta Globe
 Bloomberg News
 The Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor
 The Herald Democrat
 The Houston Chronicle - of course they went with the cowboy hat photo :)
Merced Sun-Star
 San Antonio
 Seattle Post Intelligencer
 Sulekha...whatever that is? But they put a bunch of my photos in the slideshow so I like it.
 Texas Monthly. That one's cool.
 USA Today
Yahoo News Photo of the day Gallery. photo of the pink socks ran on the UTA website yesterday as well.
 Oh...and some random cowboys photos showed up in my google alerts. 
The Washington Times
Dallas Morning News
 and a second Yahoo News Photo of the Day gallery pic.
Thanks for looking :)

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